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Piggies Get Fed

A collection of gay human toilets. Full gay scat videos available at

Verbal feeder uses his toilet slave

Piss, shit, and spit -- this piggy takes it all.

Gay scat shorts 1

Compilation of ten short gay scat clips.

Shit and shades

Hairy stud takes a mouthful of shit with his shades on.

Sexy pig swallows shit and piss

A hot pigboy serves as a human toilet with some encouragement from his feeder.

Sneaker scat and piss

Guy in sneakers takes massive crap in pig’s mouth and follows it with piss and spit.

Sexy feeder craps in mouth of scat slut

Squatting above his toilet pig he shits in his mouth.

Swallow that snake

Young blindfolded shit eater swallows a long shit log.

Sexy eater sloppy feed

A sexy man is fed sloppy shit under a rimchair and struggles to swallow it.

Muscle stud eats shit

Mature tattooed guy eats scat from a nice ass.

Toilet boy fed sloppy shit

Young man gets a face full of shit from a nice ass.

A hunger for shit

This is a proper pigslave who craves a feeder's shit.

Stuff his mouth and feed him cum

Pig gets his mouth stuffed with a solid shitlog and gets sprayed with cum.